Alticast Corp. promotes Fallon to president of Alticast Americas

BROOMFIELD — South Korea-based Alticast Corp., a provider of software used by the global pay-TV industry. has promoted Mike Fallon to president of Alticast Americas, which is based in Broomfield.

Fallon previously headed Alticast’s North American customer-engagement activities. He now takes over Alticast’s business strategy and operational activities in the North American and South American markets. John Carlucci, who had served as president and chief technology officer of Alticast US, will devote all his time as CTO, identifying and commercializing new technologies that can drive business results for pay-TV operators.

“Our success with Videotron, our APAC customers and other operators in North America and worldwide have generated numerous new business and technology opportunities,” said Mansoo Han, Alticast Corp.’s chief executive. “The appointment of Mike Fallon will better enable us to leverage his strategic and leadership skills, while freeing John Carlucci to accelerate the technology solutions that the market is demanding.”

As head of Alticast’s North American professional services efforts, Fallon has helped to drive three consecutive years of increasing revenue growth. During that time, he has worked directly with Tier 1 North American pay-TV operators to determine their business objectives, and has built and leveraged an Alticast team that has expedited the creation of solutions that are meeting customers’ needs.

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