e-Chromic CEO Loren Burnett takes post at 10-4; wife replaces him

BOULDER — Along with its independence from its Arizona-based founding parent, 10-4 Systems Inc. has gained an experienced executive.

Loren Burnett, co-founder and chairman of Niwot-based e-Chromic Technologies Inc., has become chief operating officer and chief financial officer at 10-4, a Boulder-based provider of supply-chain technology for freight carriers, brokers and shippers.

Burnett’s wife, Richelle Burnett, meanwhile, has taken over her husband’s former position of chief executive at e-Chromic. Richelle Burnett, who cofounded e-Chromic, also is CEO of Boulder-based Madison Assessment LLC, a provider of computer-based assessment tests.

Founded as US e-Chromic in 2011, e-Chromic Technologies is a clean-tech developer of electrochromic thin film for retrofitting windows, using a technology created and patented by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden.

Loren Burnett will act as chairman of e-Chromic, which he said in a phone interview Wednesday currently has three employees and is in the process of raising funding for expansion.

A mentor for Boulder-based technology accelerator TechStars, Loren Burnett also founded RLB Technologies, which commercialized technology from universities and research labs. In February 2010, RLB launched Madison Assessment.

Burnett assumed his new position June 21, the same day 10-4 completed its spinoff from Phoenix-based GlobalTranz. That move allows 10-4 to focus on product development and customer acquisition.

“I got introduced to 10-4 by an investor, and the opportunity here is one that comes along once in a lifetime,” Burnett said. “We have a huge opportunity to become the next billion-dollar company in the region.”

Burnett described 10-4’s mission as the “Uber-ization of the transportation industry, primarily focused on trucking. Uber  provided visualization. You know how, in your Uber app, you can look at your phone and see where the little cars are? Their software matches cars and supplies with people needing rides. It’s an Uber-like visualization to the trucking industry because we match supply — the carriers — with demand — the shippers.”

The software has limitless potential, Burnett said, because “there’s virtually nothing you can look at that hasn’t been delivered by a truck at some point or other.”

Founded in 2012 as a division of GlobalTranz, 10-4 has 55 employees based at 4888 Pearl East Circle in Boulder and is actively hiring, Burnett said. The open positions are “predominantly software engineers and integration specialists,” he said, noting that it’s a challenging process because “demand for software engineers in this area is outstripping the supply.”

Last month, 10-4 Systems — under the direction of president and chief executive Travis Rhyan — raised $13.9 million of series A financing led by GlobalTranz’s co-founder, Andrew Leto.

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